Commercial Renovations


Whether your building needs a minor maintenance or a complete overhaul, LL Custom Contracting offers complete commercial renovation services to help make your space exactly the way you need it to help drive business and best represent your organization’s image.


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Our Commercial Renovation Services include:

  • Restaurant Construction: Build or rebuild a restaurant from the ground up to suit your clientele’s needs.

  • Office Renovation: Reorganize your office space to help your business operate more efficiently, including adding offices, additional features and amenities and re-configuring your workspace.

  • Concrete Repairs: Improve the structural integrity of your building and fix any issues with the concrete on the property, giving you a safer work environment and helping maintain the value of your building.

  • Flooring Replacements: Repair or replace the flooring in your building to create a more appealing and suitable environment for your business.

  • Bathroom Remodeling: Improve and repair the facilities in your building to include a new look, newer and more efficient fixtures, and updated details.

  • Building Conversions: Change a building over to an entirely new business type while still using your existing structure. We remodel the interior of your building to suit your current business, exactly how you need it.

  • Institutional Renovations and Additions: We work with the existing details of public institutions and other structures, including schools, churches, historic buildings and more to create additions and renovations that seamlessly fit with the existing building.