LL Custom Contracting Inc. is a full service remodeling firm, specializing in home renovations and complete custom new homes. Creating your perfect home is our goal. As a residential remodeler and custom builder, our mission is to deliver high-quality construction services that improve the comfort of life and forge long-lasting relationships with our customers, service partners, suppliers and staff.

About Chris

Chris is a life-long Michigander and proud to be able to give back to his community. He graduated from Livonia Churchill High School and studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan - Dearborn.

Chris has been married for eighteen years and has three children. He is heavily involved in his church, runs two youth groups for students in grades 5-6, volunteers his time to work with children and participates in mentorship programs.

Professional associations:

  • Vistage
  • National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
  • National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI)
  • Community Associations Institute (CAI)
  • Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) Certified
  • Lead Abatement Certified
  • Licensed Builder in MI

Our Core Beliefs

Passionate - We are emotionally involved in each of our addition, remodeling and custom build projects. We take it as a personal challenge to get the best quality and value for each and every customer while ensuring their needs are met. We do this because we love to help others get what they want.

Integrity - Everything we do is built around our honesty

  • From estimating where we show lots of detail in our pricing to help guide our customers to spend the right amount of money in the areas that are most important to them
  • To scheduling where we build extra time into our project schedule so we can under-promise and over-deliver using our web-based platform where customers are able to see real time updates
  • To quality reviews along the way (we aren't done until the customer is happy)

Many times the customer may see a phase of construction in progress and decide to make changes. We encourage them to stay involved so we can dial in the end result to be exactly what they want. There are often change orders involved to make these adjustments but, by keeping the customer tuned in, we can usually make changes before the phase is completed, which mitigates many extra costs.

Communication - If we don't communicate well we can't succeed.

  • By using our web-based platform, we are able to keep customers as in touch as they want to be. This program keeps customers up to date with schedules, selections, questions & answers and warranty items.
  • We are always available for our customers, many times we will trade emails all hours of the night because it's convenient for the customer to send questions as they think of them. If it's not a general question, better answered by our project manager team, we will answer it immediately.
  • After the project is complete, we remain available for our customers and often assist them with ongoing needs – replacing appliances, directing them to resources, making sure all warranty items are maintained and anything they need. (We have even been known to feed animals while they are on vacation!) Most of our customers have become, and remain, good friends.

Creativity - Our engineering background and all around desire to solve problems allows us to be very creative. We have had many projects where we:

  • Moved buildings to replace the foundation underneath then relocate the building back in its original location
  • Added a basement under an existing structure
  • Thought outside the box to create long-term, cost-saving solutions to complex problems, integrated geo-thermal, solar, radiant heat and on demand boiler systems.

This is one of the areas we get the greatest joy from – where others just shy away because they only want to do what's easy and makes them the most money – we thrive on getting the best solution for a very fair price.

Quality – Schedule is very important to us and our customers. We do a great job building a realistic schedule while not sacrificing quality to meet that schedule. It is not uncommon for complex projects to have hiccups along the way but we strongly believe if it's not right, it's not done. We had one customer who we built an addition for with a wood burning fireplace only to find the mason made a mistake inside the chimney that caused smoke to back up into the house. When it was discovered, we took apart the fireplace from the outside, rebuilt it and restored the outside to where you couldn't tell it had ever been touched. Mistakes will happen, but we never leave them to be the homeowner’s problem. We expect to learn something from each and every job and it is built into our system to continually make us better.

Teamwork - There is nothing more important than having everyone on the same page. We work with the area's finest architects and interior designers to make sure the spaceand design are just what each customer wants and it makes delivering their dream project achievable. We are Builders, not Designers, we know where we bring value to our customers and we stay in our wheelhouse.

Customers - Customers are the whole reason we do what we do.

  • We are a referral-based company and 80% of our projects come directly from our past customers’ word-of-mouth.
  • We only work for customers that we have a good personality fit with. Remodeling, additions and new builds are an emotional experience and it is important to work for those customers we connect with, anything else would not be a successful project.
  • Our high customer satisfaction is due to our commitment to listening to our customer’s needs then utilizing unique problem-solving techniques and creative solutions to make their vision happen. We enjoy the challenge of taking what other builders may consider a difficult or impossible request and making it a reality.

Humility - We are very good at what we do and we have put together an amazing team that continues to grow, but we are the first to realize that help is always welcome. We continually ask for our customer’s feedback on all parts of the project, we regularly schedule site walk-throughs to see if there are areas we can dial in to better fit their needs. We encourage all of our trades (service partners) to give their feedback on every project so that we don't miss the opportunity to enhance our product or avoid making mistakes because we didn't think to ask. We are truly blessed with the fantastic service partners we have added along the way and it is how we are able to ensure that customer service is delivered at every touch point.

Fun - We have a lot of fun with our customers, service partners, suppliers and of course, our staff. The remodeling process can be very stressful, especially if you're living in the home during the project. Humor is very necessary and of course, it is always done tastefully, never at anyone's expense (except maybe ours).